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For women like these

My life with my husband was a living hell. I used to be beaten every day, even when I had not done anything wrong.

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Case of early Marriage

Mary from Kafue
I have a teenage girl child who got pregnant while at school and as a family we decided to marry her off.

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Justice for Women


Women's Rights Projects

Improving Women’s Social and Legal Environment in Zambia: A holistic rights-based approach

The overall aim of this project is to improve the situation of Zambian women by enhancing the capacities of key actors within relevant government and traditional institutions, and by advocating for law and policy reforms that are favourable for women. It seeks to help establish responsive structures, services, laws and policies for the improvement of women’s situation and more recognition of women’s rights. Specifically, the project aims at reducing gender based violence in the communities through sensitising the women on the existing practices, customs and traditions the promote gender based violence as well as the existing laws in the country that deter gender based violence.

In this project, WLSA also provides legal advice through trained paralegals in the project districts. In doing this work, WLSA works with various stakeholders such as the health workers, the Judiciary, the Police, traditional counsellors, Catholic church women and traditional leaders.

The project has six main objectives:

1.To demonstrate that legal advice and legal aid to abused Zambian women and girls can positively impact on their social and legal environment and strengthen WLSA’s national advocacy work

2. To promote the recognition of women’s civil rights in the provision of public services in three target districts of Zambia

3.To get a reform to the constitution that clearly acknowledges women’s and children’s rights in the context of gender violence and HIV/AIDS in Zambia

4.To support gender focal persons (responding to GIDD and other organisations) to influence policy makers and legislators for the benefit of Zambian women.

5.To instil respect towards women and contribute to overcoming the social, structural and legal constraints that inhibit the exercise of women’s rights across Zambia

6.To improve WLSA’s capacity to monitor and evaluate its work and to demonstrate its impact

 These objectives reflect the need for WLSA to corroborate its advocacy and lobby work with solid experiences and documentation from the field. However, the project is also about promoting a process of change in the project’s target areas.

The project is operated in three districts; Monze (Chief Choona’s chiefdom), Kafue (Shimabala) and Kapiri-Mposhi (Soweto compund).

WLSA works with a coalition of six organizations as well as government institutions and law enforcement agencies.

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