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Legal aid and Services

The Legal Department at Women and Law in Southern Africa (WLSA), Zambia provides legal advice and legal aid services to women and children who are vulnerable and cannot afford lawyers.

The legal Department handles cases such as inheritance, Divorce, Child maintenance, spousal battery and any other issues that affect women and children.Women and Law in Southern Africa (WLSA), Zambia is not a registered legal clinic however; the legal personnel assist the clients with drafting of legal documents and they also mediate in cases that can be settled outside court .

 The Legal Department is open to the members of public from 09:00 to 16:00 from Tuesday to Thursday


WLSA trains different people from different sectors such as the police officers, paralegals and members of the judiciary. The trainings are based on different legal issues, human rights and gender based violence.

 The Legal Department also conducts orientation workshops for law students from various law schools. During the orientation workshop, the students are trained on gender based violence and human rights. After the orientation workshop the students accompany the legal personnel to the WLSA project sites to conduct mobile legal clinics thus they have a practical experience in providing legal advice to victims of gender based violence.

WLSA has trained paralegals in the four project sites namely: Kapiri Mposhi, Monze, Kafue and Choma.The aforementioned paralegals offer legal advice to the communities and they also follow up on cases. The paralegals conduct their duties under the supervision and guidance of the Legal personnel from the legal Department


 WLSA in collaboration with other stakeholders and with support from Oxfam embarked on a Red Light Campaign to raise awareness on Human Trafficking. During the Red Light Campaign, WLSA conducted sensitization meetings in various communities on Human Trafficking.

WLSA with support from the government and the UN hosted the National symposium on Human Trafficking whose theme was working together–strengthening the collaboration against Human Trafficking. The symposium focus was on raising awareness on Human Trafficking and to review progress towards the application and enforcement of the Anti Human Trafficking Act.

 WLSA had undertaken to simplify the Anti Human Trafficking Act and the simplified Act has since been disseminated to the general public.

WLSA has a mandate to provide legal advice and services to victims of Human Trafficking as well as refer the victims to places of safety.WLSA also assists victims to access other victim assistant services such as rehabilitation and counseling. WLSA staffs pose with members of the community in Chirundu during the Red Light campaign. 


 WLSA undertakes the simplification of various Acts of Parliament. The Acts of parliament are simplified to enable the general public to understand the provisions of the Act. Recently, WLSA simplified the Anti Gender Based Violence Act and repackaged it in various languages. The simplified Act has been disseminated to different target audiences such as the general public, policy makers and other NGOs.

WLSA also undertakes the marketing and distribution of research reports and disseminating the research reports to different target audiences. Some of the research conducted is based on the data that is collected from the Legal Department’s case records.


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