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Meet Our Team

Front Role

Kelvin Chanda(First from right)-Office assistant-Responsible for the office cleaning / sanitation and landscaping

Hope Kasese Kumalo(Second from left)-Coordinates and provides oversight for all WLSA Zambia programmes and projects and supervises staff. She is also an ex-offio member of the WLSA Zambia Board.

Moses Mutale(Third from left-sited)-Driver-Responsible for transportation for WLSA Zambia

Besa Mwansa(second from left)-Responsible for paralegals and legal services on the Women’s Rights Project funded by Comic Relief through CODA

Francis Matika(First from right-)-Office assistant and Driver- Responsible for transportation for WLSA Zambia, and assisting with office administration

Back Role

Namuchana Mushabati(First from Left)-Legal Officer- Responsible for running the Legal Aid and Services. The programme addresses gender based violence, human trafficking and sexual and reproductive health rights. She also acts as a Programme Manager whose role is to coordinate WLSA Zambia programmes.

Chewe Nkamba(Second from left)

Financial officer- Responsible for running the Accounts office. He is in-charge of all programme and project finance

Nana Zulu(Third from left-standing)-Project coordinator-Responsible for the management and coordination of the Sexual and Reproductive Health and rights projects on accelerating the right to sexual and reproductive health services for women and girls, action research for an integrated national reproductive health policy and budget monitoring and expenditure tracking of the health budget.

Nosiku Lishebo(First from Right)-Administrative assistant-Responsible for the office administration of WLSA Zambia

Rudo Chingombe(Second from left)-Community worker- Responsible for community work, training and sensitizations on the Women’s Rights Project funded by Comic Relief through CODA

Dongo Ndhlovu(Not in picture)-Project coordinatorResponsible for the management of the Women’s Rights Project funded by Comic Relief through CODA

For women like these

My life with my husband was a living hell. I used to be beaten every day, even when I had not done anything wrong. I have got very scary scars in my head, due to the beatings. Even if I am to remove my head scarf, you will be shocked.

However, after WLSA trained some women from NCCW and the traditional counsellors on Gender and gender based violence, the women were confident enough to finally face him and made him realise that it was a crime to beat a woman. After realising his wife had rights and he could be arrested for beating her he started changing. Mrs Chishimba has this to say, “I can testify that all is well in our home and my husband respects me so much as a human being. I really want to thank WLSA for bringing such a good programme which has saved my life”.(Mrs Chishimba,not her real name)

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